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How #AbodeKeepsYouCompany

September 13, 2023
Parker Pell

In the fast-paced world of talent acquisition and early-career engagement, finding the right balance between keeping candidates happy, engaged, and productive can be a challenging task. Whether it’s eager Gen Z candidates stepping into the workforce for the first time, the hardworking recruiters striving to bring in the best talent, or C-suite executives trying to understand the numbers behind employee engagement, maintaining a seamless and efficient new-hire ecosystem is crucial for success. 

We are thrilled to showcase how Abode empowers organizations to thrive in this dynamic landscape with our newest campaign, #AbodeKeepsYouCompany. Our platform enables the way talent leaders, HR professionals, and candidates navigate their experiences, from pre-start communication to seamless onboarding to 100% productivity…and beyond. We highlight the four heroes of the #AbodeKeepsYouCompany campaign below - read (and watch!) on. 

Abode for Candidates: Meet Zak & Ryan

Zak, a recent college graduate, starts his new job in a month. He’s excited, but his company hasn’t sent him anything to help him prepare. Zak, like most Gen Zers, is used to getting information and answers instantaneously - with smartphones, media, and connections at his fingertips, he’s frustrated that his employer can’t keep up. He doesn’t know what to wear, what to expect on the first day, who he’ll be working with, or how his role will fit into the greater organization. 

In comparison, his roommate, Ryan, also starts her job in a month. Ryan’s company is communicative, engaging, and connects her to her fellow team members ahead of time so she can feel prepared, comfortable, and welcomed. Ryan is loving the ability to chat with her new coworkers, connect over shared interests and hobbies, and understand exactly what’s needed before day 1. Her company is focused on making her successful even before she starts - a major attraction for Gen Zers like her and Zak. 

It’s a tale as old as time: once Zak sees the difference between his experience and Ryan’s he’s quick to renege on his current offer acceptance for a new opportunity - one that gives him the communication, engagement, and pathway to success he wants. 

Abode for Leadership: Meet Tammy 

Tammy is a Chief Financial Officer at a rapidly growing company. As someone who monitors the numbers, Tammy doesn’t like what she sees when analyzing the company’s turnover and employee engagement rates. It impacts the bottom line: causing her recruiting team to work even harder to backfill roles on a tight timeline. Plus, it’s difficult for her to understand what’s going wrong - every time she tries to check in, her Director of Early Talent and Recruiter are slammed with manual follow-ups and updating spreadsheets. 

That is until Tammy finds Abode’s Analytics Dashboard. Now, she has all the insights at her fingertips to understand exactly what’s working and what’s not from a recruiting perspective. Her Director of Talent, Ariel, easily exports and shares reports with Tammy so she can understand the impact of their early-career hiring strategies. Predicting and preventing unexpected turnover has never been more achievable.

Abode for Early-Career Teams: Meet Ariel

Ariel is a Director of Early Talent and is responsible for overseeing the sourcing, recruiting, and hiring of the entire early-career department. Ariel thrives on working with people – that is until the amount of manual work and oversight takes her away from that. With early-career turnover skyrocketing, she’s trying to figure out how to balance personalization and engagement at scale. 

When Ariel discovers Abode, she’s able to manage and measure her team’s efforts and strategies in one central platform - eliminating the need to work across her ATS, CRM, email, and spreadsheets. Abode gives her the ability to create personalized templates to distribute to cohorts of candidates so they can feel engaged and prepared prior to starting (just see Zak & Ryan’s story!). It also alleviates over 5+ hours of manual work for her recruiter, allowing them both to do what they do best…work with people. 

Key Takeaways

To experience the power of Abode and see firsthand how we elevate organizations like eBay, lyft, and Elevance Health to success, check out how #AbodeKeepsYouCompany. Abode enables hiring teams, executive teams, and candidates alike to be happier, more engaged, and more productive. Stay tuned for more insights, tips, and success stories that will help shape the future of your early-career initiatives. To learn more, get in touch with our team today. 

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