Gen Z is...complicated. We've gotten to know them for you.

From technology expectations, a need for feedback, embracing change, and the value of flexibility, Gen Z can be a perplexing group. We help translate their needs to build better engagement strategies.

We're Gen Z experts.

Generation Z is transforming the way employers source, recruit, hire, and retain. At Abode, we can tell you what information this group wants, how they want to receive it, and everything else they need to feel comfortable showing up on the first day.

of Gen Z wants to hear from you 1-2 times per week after accepting a job.
of Gen Z wants concise and easy-to-read info (instead of audio or video).
of Gen Z wants a way to talk with future team members & new hires.
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Gen Z values 4 tenets in the workplace


Clear expectations offer Gen Z an internal locus of control that creates more mental and emotional stability around the workplace, reduces anticipatory anxiety in an increasingly uncontrollable world, and gives them the best shot at success.


Before starting a job, Gen Z wants to know "anything you can't Google." In today's world, Gen Z can go online and learn anything they want within minutes. The unlimited amount of information available from online resources and social media enable this generation to make more informed, rapid decisions. Yet this level of access is also a curse - information overload and analysis paralysis lead, paradoxically, to less action.


Gen Z highly values social workplace connections. They want to learn about a co-worker's personal life to understand what makes their colleagues the way they are.


Respect in the workplace promotes positive mental health for a generation facing a daunting mental health crisis. Gen Z is vocal around advocating for additional mental health support, and expects their employers to respect this.

Gen Z demands more. How will you respond?

Choose to embrace Gen Z talent, exceed their expectations, promote community & connections, and watch your conversions and engagement increase.

the most important information before starting a new job is logistics around onboarding.
strongly agree that it’s important to have clear expectations of their new role.
want more networking opportunities before & during their internship.
want better transparency on timeline and next steps when searching for a new job.
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