Gen Z is a complicated group

We've gotten to know them for you.

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Generation Z is transforming the way employers source, recruit, hire, and retain. We can tell you what information this group wants, how they want to receive it, and everything else they need to feel comfortable showing up on the first day.

of Gen Z wants to hear from you 1-2 times per week after accepting a job.
of Gen Z wants concise and easy-to-read info (instead of audio or video).
of Gen Z wants a way to talk with future team members & new hires.
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Meet Nico, a Gen Z candidate.

Nico before Abode

"I accepted [my internship] in March and I didn’t hear anything about living situations, when the internship was going to start, any details, until maybe a month before it started. I kept emailing the HR person like “hey, can you give me details?” to no response. It was just terrible, especially going to a different state and everything."

Nico with Abode

"Having everything there makes things easier, especially because you’re putting in so many applications...[it's] nice to have it all in one spot, not having to go through emails or different websites to track your application status."

Gen Z demands more. How will you respond?

You can choose to embrace Gen Z talent, exceed their expectations, and watch your conversions increase. Or, you can continue treating them like the every other generation and hope for the best.

the most important information before starting a new job is logistics around onboarding.
strongly agree that it’s important to have clear expectations of their new role.
want more networking opportunities before & during their internship.
want better transparency on timeline and next steps when searching for a new job.
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“Abode provides a solution that allows us to better connect with Gen Z talent in a way that is engaging to them. It offers a way for Elevance Health to enhance our brand and coin ourselves as an employer of choice for college students and graduates. Working with Abode is an easy and seamless experience.”
Brooke Smith
University Relations Manager,
Elevance Health (fka Anthem)