What sets us apart?

Our platform communicates expectations, shares helpful content, and fosters a sense of community and belonging. The result? Our customers experience 73% less reneges than industry average.
Transform your early-career engagement strategy today
Gen Z is different.

Generation Z came to age with smartphones in their pockets and are used to instant gratification. They crave connections and want to know exactly what to expect in every situation - social life and work life alike. It's a lot to consider but that's where we come in.

We help build best-in-class early-career programs. All in one platform.
Without Abode 😢

Decentralized with multiple tools

You're working across multiple platforms (that don't integrate with each other) in order to run your program.

Manual & time consuming

Your team is spending too much time on individual communications rather than more strategic initiatives.

Limited data & insights

Because you're managing multiple tools (and spreadsheets) and doing a lot manually, you have minimal insight into your data.
With Abode 🤗

Centralized platform

Abode brings the functionality of all your tools into one platform to streamline your entire program.


Build journeys in Abode that are unique by role, location, experience, etc. Once it's built you can 'set it and forget it.'

Holistic view of your data

We track all activity and give you full visibility into every inch of your program so you know when to act.
The ROI our customers get with Abode.
Abode customers have renege rates 73% lower than industry average.
Saved per week per team member.
Average survey completion rate.
Increase in intern to FTE conversion.
We’re designed for early-career. But we’re not a sourcing platform.
Your team doesn't need another platform to help find talent - there are plenty of those out there. What's missing is a solution to ensure that your talent shows up on their first day.

We believe that early-career programs begin the day a candidate accepts their offer, not the day they start their role. We help our customers execute by combining essential tasks, helpful content, and a sense of community, creating a seamless experience from the moment they accept their job until they are fully confident and productive.

How long does it take to implement Abode?

It takes less than two hours to implement Abode alongside your dedicated Customer Success Manager.

What integrations does Abode have?

Abode integrates with 40+ ATS and HRIS systems. Additional integrations (coming soon!) include Slack and Microsoft teams. If you need a custom integration, just ask! We're always open to working with your IT team to make you most productive.

Is Abode secure and compliant?

Yes, Abode is SOC 2 Type II and GDPR compliant.

What data do you collect?

Our algorithm for calculating engagement and predicting turnover is proprietary. However, we collect more than 100 data points and are happy to share the specifics with any of our customers.

What if my program is global?

Abode operates (including with native languages) in countries all over the globe.
What is early-career talent saying about Abode?

Nico before Abode

"I accepted [my internship] in March and I didn’t hear anything about living situations, when the internship was going to start, any details, until maybe a month before it started. I kept emailing the HR person like “hey, can you give me details?” to no response. It was just terrible, especially going to a different state and everything."

Nico with Abode

"With Abode, it's nice to have everything I need all in one spot, not having to go through emails or a bunch of different websites to find what I need. [Abode] has really alleviated a lot of anxiety and made me more excited for my new role."
Are you ready?
Abode helps companies engage and retain Gen Z talent from offer acceptance through 100% confidence in their role.
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