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How Abode helps everyone involved in early-career hiring.

Learn more about the power of Abode in our new three-part video series. Dive into the lives of Zak, Ryan, Ariel, and Tammy to gain a deep understanding of how Abode impacts everyone involved in early-career hiring, from Gen Z talent to early-career teams and executive leadership.

Understand Abode from all angles.

Abode for early-career talent
Meet Zak and Ryan.
Zak and Ryan are best friends and roommates. They both have jobs lined up for after graduation, however, they're having very different experiences. Ryan's new job is using Abode to keep her engaged while Zak's is not. To say Zak is frustrated is an understatement.
Abode for early-career teams
Meet Ariel.
Ariel is the Director of Early Talent at a rapidly growing company and she's struggling to engage and retain early-career talent. Her team's process is so manual that they don't have the bandwidth to provide the experience that early-career talent has come to expect. That is, until she found Abode.
Abode for leadership teams
Meet Tammy.
Tammy is CFO at a large company. Recently, she's noticed an uptick in early-career reneges and turnover that are costing her company big time. So, she decided to find a solution to this problem.
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