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The Many Ways CrowdStrike Embraces Sustainability

April 15, 2022
Parker Pell

Taking Sustainability Seriously

The era of corporations separating themselves from the reality of their environmental impact is in the past. While some are still shirking away from accepting that responsibility, CrowdStrike is actively stepping up to do their part. CrowdStrike’s commitment to minimizing their environmental impact goes beyond surface-level statements; it permeates the way they do business and actively involves their employees and their business partners.

Vowing to be carbon neutral by 2030 is an impressive pillar in their overall plan and one they are marching towards. By taking efforts to support sustainable programs and initiatives, CrowdStrike is confident they’re helping to secure the future of the world they help make secure by being a global leader in cybersecurity.

Marrying Business and Sustainability

CrowdStrike has embraced their sustainability initiatives and is embedding them into the core of their business operations. As a leader in the Cyber Security industry, a large part of their core business involves Data Centers. By updating existing Data Centers and building new ones that incorporate green initiatives, CrowdStrike is actively working towards their Carbon Neutral goal using methods such as adjusting power based on current demand and selecting locations with more sustainable power options.

CrowdStrike has also partnered with several organizations to help them with their sustainability goals. Through their partnership with, CrowdStrike has already offset their 2021 miles flown and driven. The funds from this milestone were donated to the Envira Amazonia Project, resulting in net positive climate, community, and biodiversity benefits. Another partnership CrowdStrike has announced is with BSR, an organization of sustainable business experts that works with its global network of the world’s leading companies to build a just and sustainable world. Together, they are working to benchmark CrowdStrike’s current sustainability practices against their peers and with that information will make recommendations to create a strategy and implementation plan for their sustainability strategy.

Employees Take Charge

Crowdstrike’s commitment to minimizing its environmental impact provides several opportunities for their employees to not only get involved but also take charge. The Green Team, a sustainability-focused employee resource group, was founded in 2019 with that goal in mind. Their mission, as laid out on CrowdStrike’s webpage, is to “educate, inspire and empower our people around sustainability and to identify, recommend and help implement specific practices and solutions to help CrowdStrike operate in more environmentally sustainable ways.”

"The Green Team has a lot of fun organizing opportunities for the larger company, but also sharing resources amongst ourselves. From composting tips to sustainable cleaning solutions, and volunteer opportunities – we have a fantastic global group of engaged members." Stephanie Lin, Green Team Steering Committee member

The Green Team actively plans activities for CrowdStrike employees to participate in ranging from “green” challenges to hosting a regular speaker series with climate change activists and experts. With Earth Day approaching, the Green Team has several activities planned this year including a company-wide activity that engages employees to help scientists at Penguin Watch to count penguin eggs, a talk by UK Blogger Jen Gale, as well as in-person volunteer opportunities for local nonprofits across the country.

Embracing Sustainability

Employees at CrowdStrike are also encouraged to participate in the company-wide sustainability initiatives. The Green Team focuses on providing regular engagement opportunities along with educational materials to give employees ideas to get engaged and informed. CrowdStrike has taken measures within its office spaces to reduce their impact as well, such as bulk snack options, washable utensils, and refillable drink stations. Additionally, CrowdStrike promotes a “remote-first culture”, understanding the impact that reducing commutes and large office space overhead can have on our world’s carbon footprint.  

CrowdStrike has embraced sustainability as a way of operating that will take their business, and our world, into a healthier future. For such a large corporation to take these strides is refreshing to see and one that’s inspiring to not only the employees that work there but onlooking businesses as well. Stephanie Lin summarizes it perfectly by saying, “Each of us has the ability to help move the sustainability needle - whether that’s through sharing information and tips on being more sustainable or helping push for changes at the corporate level. We know that we have a long way to go, but people here are passionate and care, and that's what makes all the difference.”

Are you interested in working for a company that cares and with team members dedicated to preserving our world for future generations? Browse CrowdStrike’s career opportunities and internship program and apply today.


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