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Say Hello to Abode

January 3, 2023
Ben Siegel

A note from our Co-Founders:

When Scholars launched in 2019 we were three college graduates living in Memphis, TN. It’s an understatement to say things have changed since then – not just for our company, but for our customers, the early-career talent we support, and the world in general. 

Since 2019, we’ve grown from three founders to a team of 16, and have evolved from a content creation agency hosting podcasts and blog content to a venture capital-backed company with a platform that helps the biggest and best companies in the world engage and retain their early-career talent. This growth was accompanied by a big realization. In the best way possible, we realized we weren’t the same company anymore, and the Scholars name and brand no longer spoke to what we were building. 

We wanted a name that represented not only where we are today, but where we’re headed. What we’re building is a one-stop shop for early-career engagement and retention; a home for candidates, new hires, and the teams that support them. A place where they go for resources, community, and connection. A place that feels familiar. After many months of searching for the perfect name, we finally found it. 

So, we’re excited to share that we are closing our chapter as Scholars and will continue growing as Abode.

The word "abode" is formally defined as “a place of residence; a house or home,” and commonly used in phrases like “my humble abode.” It represents our platform and our mission of helping employers foster community, engagement, and a place of belonging. While this is a significant facelift to our brand, rest assured our core beliefs and values haven’t changed. Above all, we are still committed to championing candidates, making HR teams more efficient, and being a resource and thought leader in the early-career space.

We’re incredibly thankful for everyone who has been on this journey with us so far and we can’t wait for what’s ahead!

To new beginnings, 

Ben Siegel, Evan Deere, and Parker Pell, Co-Founders

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