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How the Pandemic Changed Gen Z Job Recruiting

October 13, 2021
Ben Siegel

The coronavirus pandemic changed the world of recruitment and the role of recruiters nearly overnight. 

The recruitment process was reinvented for the "new normal." But now vaccinations are increasing, and offices are re-opening and some places will continue to be remote working. We are beginning to see how the hiring process will be post-pandemic.

As the job market is looking better, the recruiting process is being reworked again, and it is important to consider the Generation Z talent pool when changing strategies.

Virtual Hiring is Not Going Anywhere, But This Helps Gen Z

During last year, hiring practices almost came to a screeching halt. Job candidates could no longer come into offices to have in-person interviews with a hiring manager. 

This is when there was a shift to video interviews and virtual interviews typically on Zoom. 

Generation Z enjoys communication from an employer, email is the preferred digital communication form. But, they also enjoy having face-to-face conversations. Consider that in the recruiting process. Top talent from Generation Z will enjoy a virtual interview because of their familiarity with it. But, their preferences will most likely lean towards a video call, versus a phone call or submitting videos. 

Hiring Internally has Increased, But Looking to the Future

We know that hiring internally has increased due to the pandemic because it shortens the hiring process, and creates better employee retention. 

Because of the increase in internal hirings, Gen Z knows that having an internship is more important than ever. An internship at a company can significantly increase your chances of getting hired full-time. 

Right now, we are seeing a shift in internal hires. They will still be on the rise. But now that the job market is shifting, companies are looking long-term again and will desire to build their talent acquisition. 

Continuing to Improve upon Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

At Abode, we have found that Generation Z will frequently ask about DE&I. In the midst of the pandemic, there was a wave of increase in DE&I. Gen Z wants to see that continue. They want to know exactly how a company has a diverse hiring process, and what value a company has on diversity. 

To increase diversity in your hiring pipeline, reach out to diverse student organizations.

Overall, Generation Z prioritizes for an employer who offers a stable and secure job, a healthy work-life balance in the company culture, an emphasis on well-being and mental health, and flexibility on when and where work can get done.

To continue the conversation around the shifts in recruiting, Generation Z, and how to keep your communication and engagement up to snuff, contact our team! We'd love to get in touch.

“Abode provides a solution that allows us to better connect with Gen Z talent in a way that is engaging to them. It offers a way for Elevance Health to enhance our brand and coin ourselves as an employer of choice for college students and graduates. Working with Abode is an easy and seamless experience.”
Brooke Smith
University Relations Manager,
Elevance Health (fka Anthem)