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National Intern Day is Approaching! 5 Ways to Celebrate Your Interns 

July 12, 2023
Parker Pell

This year, National Intern Day is celebrated on July 27. With summer wrapping up, it’s the perfect opportunity for organizations to recognize and appreciate the valuable contributions of the nearly 300,000 interns in the U.S. Embracing this day not only fosters positive company culture but also helps build strong relationships with your candidates, paving the way for future success.

Celebrating National Intern Day helps raise awareness about the importance, availability, and significance of internship opportunities. It encourages organizations to create meaningful experiences that offer practical work, professional development, and networking opportunities. Actively participating in National Intern Day can enhance an employer’s reputation and brand, especially among students, universities, and future job seekers. With awards like Yello’s Top 100 Internship Programs, positive reviews from past interns can attract more top talent and improve your organization’s overall image.  

As the end of your interns’ journey approaches, use our blog post to explore some impactful and thoughtful ways to celebrate your interns. Read on!

Host an appreciation event

Host a casual breakfast or lunch, a virtual get-together, or an after-work celebration or happy hour, and invite everyone to join for an hour or two to congratulate your interns. Use this opportunity to personally thank your interns for their valuable contributions, express gratitude for their efforts, and highlight their impact at the company. 

Celebrate with gifts!

Consider providing interns with thoughtful gifts or tokens of appreciation that align with their interests or represent their time with your organization. This could include branded merchandise, professional development books, or personalized items commemorating their internship experience. Small gestures like these leave a lasting physical impression and serve as a reminder of their valuable contributions to your organization.

Spotlight your interns on social media

Collect quotes or testimonials from your interns and share them on your blog, company newsletter, or social media channels. This can be a great way to show appreciation for your interns and make your brand feel more human. Be creative - you can always create a social media hashtag to encourage your interns and employees to engage!

Offer networking opportunities 

The best internship experiences offer opportunities for learning, professional development, and networking. Invite company experts, guest speakers, or your C-suite executives to host workshops during National Intern Day/Week or grant interns access to exclusive events, industry updates, and potential job openings. Encourage them to connect with current employees on platforms like LinkedIn. 

Create a visual ‘thank you’ wall 

Create a virtual or physical thank you “wall” of recognition to show your interns how much your value their work. Collect photos, testimonials, success stories, thank you notes, and warm wishes for a PowerPoint or whiteboard to honor your interns. Show your presentation live on Zoom or in person for the full effect!

Key Takeaways

Celebrating interns at the end of their internship is a crucial step in building lasting relationships and leaving a positive impact on their professional journey. By implementing meaningful ways to acknowledge and appreciate their efforts, you not only honor their contributions but also position your organization as an employer of choice for future talent. Remember, the end of an internship marks the beginning of a potential long-term partnership, so make it a memorable celebration that reflects your commitment to the success of your interns.

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