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How to Attract Gen Z Talent to Work at Your Company

Gen Z is the most diverse, talented and driven generation the world has ever seen. In general, they are great employees but how do you get them to want to work for you? These job seekers care about more than just a job description and how much money they are going to make. They want to understand your company’s values and how they can make an impact on your business.

Your organization wants to attract and hire this talent. So, how do you get started?

Create consistent content on the platforms they use

Your first opportunity to make an impression on Gen Z candidates begins the moment they’re exposed to your brand. This first touchpoint can shape a young jobseeker’s entire perception of an organization but on average, it takes a candidate 7-9 touch points before making a decision about a company. Make an effort to reach them where they are browsing  which more often than not, is going to be online and in social media channels. 79% of candidates reported they will use social media shortly after connecting with a new organization about a job opportunity. Your Instagram page and Twitter feed are quick, easy, and FREE platforms to tell your company’s story so make sure to take advantage of them.

Show off your culture and values

In both their daily and work lives, Gen Z demands transparency around corporate ethics and values. They want your brand to stand for something meaningful and that the organization has the ability to make a difference in the community. A study by McKinsey & Company reports, “Companies must therefore not only identify clearly the topics on which they will take positions but also ensure that everyone throughout the value chain gets on board.” Your company’s values are not just something that you have in the handbook. They are the building blocks for everything that you do and they lay the groundwork for how you build your team.

Gen Z also expects employers to practice inclusion in all aspects of the business which means your company’s messaging and hiring practices need to reflect a genuine commitment to equity. Share employee spotlights on your social media or write blog posts about the employee resource groups that exist within your organization. A truly representative team and social presence speaks volumes to job searchers who desire a diverse workplace.

Explain their potential impact on the business

Gen Z wants to visualize their trajectory within your company and they want to know that from day one, the work they are doing is driving the business forward. Paint a picture of how these future employees can grow their careers with you. For example, you can share stories of tenured individuals to show early talent what it takes for newcomers to advance within your organization.

Be sure to include any professional development opportunities you provide; such as mentorship programs or leadership coaching. These will certainly be added to the list of “pros” when Gen Z candidates evaluate your offer and compare it to their other opportunities.

Different Types of Content to Create

Aside from being diverse and talented, Gen Z is also accustomed to instant gratification. When they look for information, they want to find it fast. That means your online presence needs to be up to date with lots of content showcasing your company culture, values, and opportunities that a Gen Z job seeker could have with you. They are also looking for this information in hundreds of different ways and on many different mediums, so be sure to create content for all platforms.


Blogs provide an easy way to highlight different messages and spotlight different areas within your company. Post content in a long-form blog on your company’s career website then break down the content into smaller snippets to be shared across your social media pages along with helpful graphics. One week, highlight the engineering team and the next, highlight the marketing department. You can then use aspects of the content across different media platforms which link back to the blogs. Therefore you are getting more out of your hard work!


Podcasts like Abode's The Internship Show are gaining in popularity amongst college students and recent grads as one of the best new ways to find information about companies that they want to work for. 

Podcasts are so convenient and in a world where we all love to multitask or to give our eyes a rest from the plethora of screens in front of our faces. They give you another way to get your brand in front of your target audience without forcing them to sit down and read something.


Keep your talent pipeline up to date on all things happening at your company through email newsletters. You can turn your blog content into an email and blast it out. We also recommend segmenting your audience to make sure that the content feels more personalized. 

Similar to sharing your blogs, you can work with college focussed companies to have your content shared in their e-blasts to ensure you’re casting a wide net. Remember what we said about the different mediums to communicate and the 7-9 touchpoints? The more you can stay in front of your audience with pertinent content, the better chance you have to convert them to candidate. 


Break down your content into infographics and bite-sized tidbits of information to share on your company’s social media. Ideally, you have specific channels for your careers so that those pages are hyper-focussed on life at your company and how to get hired by you.

The Bottom Line for Gen Z Talent Attraction

Regardless of the type of content you create or where you promote it, there are a few overarching rules that you must follow in order to attract the best Gen Z talent to your company. The biggest is creating consistent content. Be sure to keep your brand in a good light and create as much content as you possibly can. From employee spotlights to blogs to podcast episodes, try to be top of mind for your audience by having content for all platforms.

The best recruitment marketing teams have between 8-12 months of content stored up and scheduled to be posted. How much content do you currently have created? Need help building your content arsenal or creating a strategy? Schedule a time to speak with someone on the Abode team.

“Abode provides a solution that allows us to better connect with Gen Z talent in a way that is engaging to them. It offers a way for Elevance Health to enhance our brand and coin ourselves as an employer of choice for college students and graduates. Working with Abode is an easy and seamless experience.”
Brooke Smith
University Relations Manager,
Elevance Health (fka Anthem)