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6 Employer Branding Social Media Content Ideas to Try

October 21, 2021
Ben Siegel

A strong employer brand tells the story of your company to current employees, job seekers, job candidates, stakeholders, and the general public. 

It takes a potential candidate to read 12 pieces of content before applying for an open role. Those pieces of content may be a careers page, Glassdoor, or social media. If a company wants to recruit top talent, it must have top content as a part of a positive employer brand.

Including social media in a company's employer branding strategy is important because social media is a public forum that can be viewed by anyone. By being public, the messaging can easily engage those who would typically be passive candidates. 

The most important social media platforms to be active on is LinkedIn and Instagram.  This list will focus on those two, but also mention other platforms such as Twitter, Facebook, and TikTok.

Custom Hashtag

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A custom hashtag is a place to find all employer content in one place and across social media platforms. This content can be employee testimonials, posts from recruiters, information on a company's culture, webinars, announcements of new employees, and more.  

Examples of good custom hashtags: #LifeAtPetSmart, #LifeAtPwC, #WeAreCrowdStrike, #LifeAtEaton, #DGSLife.

With all hashtags, and especially custom ones, make the first letter of each word capitalized. This makes the hashtags readable by screen readers. 

Specific Hashtag Content

Typically there is a general hashtag for all company-related content. But, there can also be hashtags when a marketing campaign is launched, or if the content is specific to a group at the company. 

Many companies use more specific hashtags. Eaton has a hashtag for content specific to early talent. Then, CrowdStrike and Dell both have specific hashtags for women in their organization, respectively #WomenofCrowdStrike and #WomenatDell. 

More specific hashtags are a great way to engage specific groups of people with the company. 

Celebrate National Holidays

Content can easily be created from holidays. These holidays are more common to post about. Important national holidays to include in your social media strategy:

  • Black History Month - February
  • Women's History Month - March
  • Pride Month - June
  • National Intern Day - last Thursday in July
  • National Hispanic Heritage Month - September
  • World Mental Health Day - October 10th

Specific Holidays

There are some holidays that are more applicable to some industries and companies. These more specific holidays depend on a companies audience and customers. 

  • Data Privacy Day - January 28th
  • Equal Pay Day - March 24th
  • International Transgender Day of Visibility - March 31st
  • Teacher's Appreciation Week - First full week in May
  • World Chocolate Day - July 7th
  • Space Exploration Day - July 20th
  • National Ice Cream Day - Third Sunday in July
  • Black Business Month - August
  • International Podcast Day - September 30th

Join in on Daily Holidays (or make your own!)

There are daily holidays that a company can join in on. Examples of these are, Transformation Tuesdays, Wednesday Wisdom, Throwback Thursdays (#TBT), Feel Good Fridays, and Flashback Fridays. 

Some companies make their own daily holidays! For example CrowdStrike posts Whitepaper Wednesday every Wednesday on their LinkedIn. 

Employee Postings

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Encourage employees to post about the company. This is within reason and should be left up to the employee to decide. It is a good idea to have the marketing team create guidelines for posting on social media about the company. Abode has created a platform to make that process easier. 

Ideas for employee-generated content are:

  • Sharing a variety of work environments 
  • What a candidate experience and onboarding may look like for a new hire
  • How to successfully engage in healthy work-life balance
  • Answering specific questions from students
  • Employee testimonials (especially interns)

Follow the Trends

Social media is fast-paced. Trends come and go quickly, so jump on. 

Each platform is different but it is a good idea to note these areas:

  • Reels audio
  • TikTok audios
  • Twitter trending page
  • Instagram explore page
  • LinkedIn News side bar

Promote Company Updates

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Share the all of perks of working at the company! This is what has the potential for employee engagement and employee retention. 

Share updates like:

  • Any flexibility in the workplace
  • Company retreats
  • Company trips
  • Volunteer opportunities 

To learn more about how Abode can improve your employer brand strategy, contact our team to schedule a demo!

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