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4 Reasons Why Podcasts are a Must-Have Recruiting Tool for Early-Career Teams

92% of Gen Z indicate that being authentic and true to oneself is “extremely important,” a sentiment that has gained popularity since the pandemic. When we consider the workplace, authenticity extends beyond personal reflection and is a basic expectation Gen Z has for employers, too. In this post, we explore the impactful world of podcasts and their role in enhancing employer brand, building community, furthering reach, and showcasing an employer’s authentic side. 

As the host of The Internship Show, we see first-hand the value a podcast can bring to an early-career team (but don’t take it from us - check out the 350+ episodes we’ve done here!) from a content and promotional standpoint. Below, we explore four compelling reasons why early-career teams should consider podcasts as their newest recruiting tool. 

Unparalleled Reach

Despite Gen Z’s affinity for visual storytelling, the podcast industry has experienced remarkable growth and reach in recent years. In a world where multitasking has become second nature, podcasts allow for information to be absorbed seamlessly while carrying out daily routines, be it a commute to work, cooking, walking to class, or exercising. 

This impact shows in the numbers: according to research, Gen Z’s monthly podcast listening has risen by 57% over the past five years, with approximately 24 million Gen Z listeners engaging with podcasts in the past month. And, with roughly 50% of monthly U.S. podcast listeners being between the ages of 12 and 34, it’s safe to say that Gen Z loves podcasts. In fact, they consider them “less toxic than social media.”

With Gen Z representing a large portion of the podcast audience, early-career teams should consider the reach of this medium and how they can effortlessly connect with potential candidates from diverse backgrounds and locations, expanding their reach far beyond traditional recruitment efforts. 

Authentic Storytelling

In today’s candidate-driven market, transparency and authenticity are paramount. Podcasts offer a unique opportunity to engage in meaningful conversations and discussion as if you were sitting in someone’s living room. Successful podcasts hinge on presenting fresh, entertaining, and (often) opinionated ideas with genuine honesty and relatability. 

For early-career teams, showcasing their company on a podcast offers an opportunity to share their company culture, values, and mission, beyond what’s on their Careers page. They also can delve into the details of their programs, highlighting the unique experiences, mentorship opportunities, skill development, and/or networking prospects that make their organization stand out. This storytelling aspect humanizes the entire experience, allowing Gen Z listeners to envision themselves as part of the team that aligns with their values. 

Promote community

Podcasts serve not only as a source of information but also as a means to connect like-minded individuals into a community. Participating in podcasts allows teams (and listeners!) to become part of a supportive network; sharing insights, tips & tricks, and best practices or learning new things. 

Similar to the above point of authenticity, podcasts feature personal stories and candid conversations, making listeners feel like they are part of intimate conversations with the host and guests.

Elevating employer brand

Maintaining a strong employer brand is crucial for attracting high-quality candidates and dynamically showing why your organization is an exceptional place to work. In this digital age, podcasts offer a powerful medium to dynamically tell your employer brand story and enhance your reputation as an employer of choice. For Gen Z, content is king, and podcasts allow teams to share authentic experiences and personal stories, creating a stronger emotional connection with potential candidates. Moreover, podcasts provide a platform for employees to share their perspectives, fostering a sense of pride and belonging within the workforce. 

This avenue can also reach passive job seekers, captivating them with compelling content that showcases your organization's strengths. Additionally, hosting informative and educational podcast episodes positions your organization as a thought leader in the industry, further elevating your employer brand. With podcasts, you can engage with a wider audience, elevate your employer brand, and attract top talent to join your early-career teams.

Key Takeaways

Harnessing the power of authentic storytelling and community building provides teams the unique opportuity to connect with candidates on a more personal, colorful, and creative level, showcasing the true essence of your organization. The ability to build a sense of community, promote thought leadership, and expand reach to both active and passive job seekers makes podcasts like The Internship Show an indispensabletool in today’s UR/TA landscape. Embrace the power of podcasts - the spotlight is on you, and candidates are waiting to hear your story!

For more insights like these, check out The Internship Show, presented by Abode. The only podcast delivering inside information about top internship and early-career programs, we interview people from the best companies in the world so that college students can discover where they want to start their career. 

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