Abode vs. Email

Email isn’t dead, it’s just limited. Today's generation of talent demands more than status-quo.

Is Abode better than email for communicating with early-career talent?

Landlines still exist but we prefer to use smartphones instead. Better technology allows for more advanced automation, increased access to analytics, and a more efficient experience. That’s exactly what Abode provides.

Abode vs. Email

Abode goes beyond sending automated messages or drip campaigns - it’s a centralized place to foster community, connection, and a sense of belonging for your early-career talent.


In Abode you can “set it and forget it” to turn every email into a journey step.


Get access to deeper analytics than just open and click rates. We tell you who’s actually at risk of churn.


Provide candidates with a personalized platform and a place to communicate with one another.


Shared templates and content components promote a consistent experience.


Email opens up the risks of spam, phishing, and blacklisting. Abode ensures all communication and data is secure.


Generally speaking, all emails look the same. In Abode, we give you a blank canvas to design the experience you want.
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We Know Gen Z
How We're Different
“Abode provides a solution that allows us to better connect with Gen Z talent in a way that is engaging to them. It offers a way for Elevance Health to enhance our brand and coin ourselves as an employer of choice for college students and graduates. Working with Abode is an easy and seamless experience.”
Brooke Smith
University Relations Manager,
Elevance Health (fka Anthem)